Crafty Update 08/05/2018

Lewis posted May 13, 18
Introducing.. The Crafty Network.
Hi, my name is Lewis, the founder of The Crafty Network. Today I bring some exciting news that I've been eager to announce! I'm very grateful to get the opportunity to work alongside TheEllimist, and after a lot of negotiating we have come to an agreement to merge our networks together. Our development teams and loyal members will join us on this adventure together where we aim to bring together a great community. We are moving on from the OriginCraft name and forward as The Crafty Network, with a brand new start.
The Crafty Network has a small, dedicated team of staff helping us on this journey, and you can view the official list of those who hold staff ranks here. Applications will be re-opening very soon, as we hope to expand our well-trained team prior to the grand opening.
Server IP:
We are continuing with the survival revamp project, and will carry on to revamp all game modes to fit the network as best as they can, and add more game modes when the community deems fit. This is all I can say for now, but the future is exciting!
Thanks, Lewis & Elli.

Factions Online

Radler posted Nov 4, 17

Factions has now recovered and is fully playable. Unfortunately Survival is a bit harder to restore and it still in progress but should be back up in a day hopefully. In the meantime feel free to kill time on Factions and let us know if you encounter any problems. Unfortunately you may experience balance losses in Factions as the back up is from when Factions was still quite new. Since we can't do anything about this we will be giving out 2 ultimate keys per person as compensation, and we hope this can make up for what you may have lost.

I'm looking forward to the server being one hundred percent back up and running and hope to see you guys soon.

cpeezy im always online
cpeezy please give me 2 ulti keys now please
NicolasT228 How do we receive those 2 ultimate keys?
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