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Hello Crafty community! We are bringing our first line of recruits to join our staff team. With the plan to begin major advertising in the coming weeks we are in need to increase our team.

Vegasi has been promoted to Head-admin, as of now he will have huge involvement into the future of the future of Crafty. We are glad to have him on our team and can't wait for him to exceed his potential.

Doc_harambe has been promoted to Council leader, this is a new position that has input into future changes to our modes. He will lead a small team that will deal with bug testing, building and implementing changes along side the staff team.

Here are the following changes;

Death_will_fall has been promoted to Admin.
Maia has been promoted to Moderator.
Cutiepie has been promoted to on Helper.

AnniiMc has been promoted to Moderator.
Implicit_psycho has been promoted to Helper.

Prison Life
Interstelle has been promoted to Admin.

Changes may not be active right away, please give time for these to take effect.

Thankyou, The Crafty Administration team.
Survival is finally here after a very long anticipated wait, we are proud to release the first release of this mode. The mode will still be in beta till we have a more satisfactory version to give so please don't hesitate to report any issues you may come across.

In other news Prison Life is just around the corner we are just making final touches to the mode to get it up and running, we have taken in huge input from the community on what additions they would like to see.. Due how complex the whole mode is we will be releasing a full guide that will be available for everyone to access.

Staff applications are now open and are looking to bring a few new faces to our team, so please go ahead. We can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks, Lewis & Elli.
Hello everyone, with the server growing at a good pace we are looking to recruit some new members to our team to keep this place as clean and supportive as possible. Therefore, staff applications are now open and you can apply via the "Apply" button on the navigation bar. We look forward to hearing from you!

In other news, to celebrate Independence day for our American players there will be a 25% sale active for 24 hours, It will effect the store globally.

A quick little update to Skyblock, Autocrafting is now available to all donator ranks. Here is a quick preview.


Thanks, Elli and Lew.
Hello to all of our Crafty Community, today we bring you our brand new site with a whole lot of new and improved features.

We were recently using the Enjin platform and realised that it's far in the past and it was time to have a major improvement with our services away from the in-game platform. Everything is not set in place yet and we're classing this as BETA so expect things to change over the course of time. If you find any issues please report it here. [Bug report]

In other news, Survival is right around and we all know how excited you have been and are grateful for the patience. I can't give much away as of now as we want it to be a total surprise but i can let you have a sneak peak through our trailer! Watch it here [Survival trailer]

thanks, Lewis & Ellimist.